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Only for PC and MAC

You are about to place an order for a WorldBloxer map/world playable only in the computer game Minecraft Desktop (PC/MAC) version 1.10.x. 

It’s a template – not the real world

WorldBloxer worlds for Minecraft are based on data from OpenStreetMap. When you purchase a WorldBloxer world, you do not get an exact replica of the real world —  you get a template of the chosen geography, that you can perfect in Minecraft. 

I want to “blox” my whole hometown in one WorldBloxer world

You can only order one 1km x 1km block at the time. You are welcome to order adjacent data but there will not be any guarantee that they “fit” together.

Read more about the use and limits of WorldBloxer maps here.


You can choose the area you want WorldBloxer to ‘blox’. Draw to pan, scroll to zoom. Click to select.