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WorldBloxer Minecraft maps are based on open data of the real world. To get your own map, you start by selecting a location on our map, choose between different design options, place your order and receive an e-mail with a download link. Use WorldBloxer maps as TEMPLATES for building your own version of the real world in Minecraft. Maps are 1 km x 1 km and built in 1 meter Minecraft blocks. Choose between WorldBloxer maps for the Minecraft Java edition or Minecraft: Education Edition / Bedrock.

What you get

1 km2 around any location of your choice on the surface of the Earth, generated in Minecraft on-demand. First, you will be guided to select a specific location on a map, in the next step, you select the design of your WorldBloxer map (you will be guided along), finally you enter your e-mail address and country.

The second after you press ‘pay’, we start the production of your WorldBloxer map for Minecraft around the exact location, that you select on the map.

By e-mail, you will receive a download link to TWO versions of Minecraft maps around your selected location; one without terrain heights (‘_flat’), one with heights from SRTM. You will also get a readme.txt with instructions on how to install your maps for use in Minecraft.

What you see, is what you get – in Minecraft blocks. If you point on an area, where the map shows no buildings, roads or anything else, all you’ll get in a Minecraft world of that area is: flat terrain. If you choose an area with lots of roads and buildings, these will be in your Minecraft map- in 1-meter blocks.

Use your own WorldBloxer map for Minecraft as a template to build your version of the real world.

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Go to our frequently asked questions and learn more about what to expect – and what not to expect with your WorldBloxer Minecraft map.

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A Night in LA by Alfred Bach, Denmark.

Choose between different biomes and building designs

Minecraft map customization - arctic biome
Minecraft map customization - savannah biome
Minecraft map customization - hot and dry biome

What we mean, when we say that WorldBloxer maps are not exact models of the real world

Eiffel Tower in Paris in Minecraft with WorldBloxer by GeoBoxers
Paris in Minecraft.
Nairobi in Minecraft.

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We are constantly improving our WorldBloxer methods and algorithms, and with the crowd sourced work of thousands of volunteers the data in OpenStreetMap become increasingly accurate and up to date.

WorldBloxer maps for Minecraft are made on-demand, and as a result, a WorldBloxer map made for a specific location today may not look the same as one made for the same location in a week.