The whole world in Minecraft



GeoBoxers make the entire Earth’s surface available in Minecraft.

Have an early sneak-peek and download a few test samples here

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Blox the world with GeoBoxers

Very soon you’ll be able to buy Minecraft worlds of everywhere on the surface of the Earth.

Based on free and open global data, GeoBoxers make it possible to blox every place in the entire world on-demand.

Minecraft templates you can perfect

The bloxed Earth will be close to but not exactly like the real world.

Use it as a sketch to make your own version of the real world.

How is the world bloxed?

The Minecraft worlds are constructed from OpenStreetMap (OSM) features and NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The SRTM height model is used to construct a rough model of the terrain (hills, valleys, etc.), while OSM features like roads, buildings, rivers, lakes and land use information is used to construct what’s “on top”.

In areas marked as forests by OSM, Minecraft saplings are “planted” and will eventually grow into trees. we have placed rows of windows in all buildings to make them more “alive”.

The specific appearance of features is sometimes an intelligent guess and sometimes a deliberate symbolic representation. Our modelling engine is quite flexible and though it does allow for a one-click quick-fix, it will let YOU configure certain details of your bloxed world.

Download and explore

Choose a sample world below. Download the zip-file to your computer.

Unpack and save in
C:\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves for Windows, and
/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft for Mac.
(Also described here:”>

The world-sample should now be in your list of worlds in “Singleplayer” mode.

Check the readme.txt for information.


The video…

Washington DC, USA

The capital of United States of America has a very unique city plan where roads intersect at very sharp angles. Frank Underwood may live somewhere in the residential area seen here.

Click on download and follow the instructions.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a very nice city with a lot of funkis style buildings. In Minecraft all buildings look funkis. Or Funky. In this map there are railroads running from ground level to tunnel. The tunnels are already dug out – see if you can find them. Also: Creepers reside in the buildings around Maria Skolgata.

Click on download and follow the instructions.

Kampala, Uganda

The sample from Kampala, Uganda is slightly sloped and contains Uganda Museum. The circular buildings are huts, part of the cultural village. In our representation the roofs are flat and not very “hutty”.

Click on download and follow the instructions.

Canberra, Australia

The Australian capital Canberra’s city plan was inspired by the garden city movement and as a consequence consists of HUGE roundabouts. And lots of parking lots.

Click on download and follow the instructions.


Can I get a Minecraft version of my own neighborhood?
Yes, you can – when we go live. If you can find it in OpenStreetMap, then you can get it bloxed in Minecraft.

Will my own Minecraft world look exactly like the real world?
Probably not. What you see on the map will be included in the Minecraftmodel, but very often the map is not complete nor completely accurate.

Why are all rooftops flat?
There is no information in OpenStreetMap data about the shapes and sizes of rooftops – so we make them flat.

Building heights are wrong – why?
When buildings are registered in OpenStreetMap, they can be assigned with a height or number of levels / stories. If the information is available, we use it – if it’s not, we assign a default height to buildings.

Why does all the samples look alike?
Well, they do – and the don’t. The WorldBloxer Minecraft worlds reflect the sample location’s very different geography, but colors, the way building looks, vegetation may look the same. This will be different, when we go live. Then you will have the opportunity to change a lot of settings yourself.