The Whole World in Minecraft – really?

Yes! GeoBoxers are releasing WorldBloxer – a completely new service, that converts open data from all over the globe into Minecraft worlds. In a few weeks you can buy 1 km by 1 km pieces of the Earth’s surface – for use in Minecraft on your computer.

Wait, what – the whole world? What is this? Can I get my own neighborhood in Minecraft?

Yes, you can.

Based on available OpenStreetMap data, our engine will make Minecraft worlds from everywhere on the Earth’s surface – on-demand.

You navigate on a map and find an interesting area. Click the map, choose between different block-stylings and purchase. You will receive an e-mail with a download-link, and after a few minutes you can download your very own 1 km x 1 km piece of the world in Minecraft.

What you see, is what you get – in Minecraft blocks. If you point on an area, where the map shows no buildings, roads or anything else, all you’ll get in a Minecraft world of that area is: flat terrain. If you choose an area with lots of roads and buildings, these will be in your Minecraft world – in 1-meter blocks.

Use your own WorldBloxer Minecraft world as a template to build your version of the real world.

Early access – check it out!

In only a few weeks the service will open.
Now you have the opportunity to download and try some samples.