URB Cultural Planning and Minecraft

The Urban Cultural Planning project aims to advance the capacity of public authorities in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and local NGOs and associations to collaborate on citizen-driven cultural planning. 

The project is the continuation of the earlier Culturability BSR project, and it is a cross border partnership of 14 Project Partners and 36 Associated Organizations in 8 countries.

Baltic Sea Region cities in Minecraft

One element within the project is to test and demonstrate citizen engagement in urban development via Minecraft.

GeoBoxers have created Minecraft maps of Karlskrona (Sweden), Cecis (Latvia) and parts of Gdansk (Poland), and we are happy to have won the tender to also create Kiel (Germany) and Riga (Latvia) as Minecraft models.

All the Minecraft models of real locations will be used to engage citizens in the development of their local communities. As we finish the different Minecraft maps, they can be seen as overviews from this page.





Dolne Miasto, Gdansk