GeoBoxers’ Data and Services

From 4000 billion 1 meter Minecraft blocks covering the whole of Denmark to one single building measured by drones and modelled in 30 cm blocks, GeoBoxers have solid experience with all kinds of geospatial data sets in all scales. We regularly post articles about our work in the News section  – subscribe to get the latest updates.


Examples of our work

We have done a lot of different projects, some using only Open Data, in others we have used a combination of publicly available and proprietary data, and we have made maps in all scales from one single building to a whole country. Although our methods and processes are automated, we always adjust the result to fit the specific needs.

Vibcraft – the city of Viborg in Minecraft

In addition to the free basic data in “Denmark in Minecraft”, the municipality of Viborg provided GeoBoxers with a 3D city model, information on building materials, geological data, agricultural data and 3D laserscans of the old limestone mine.


The world’s largest limestone mines

Based on LiDAR point cloud data, GeoBoxers generated Minecraft versions of the two limestone mines Moensted and Daugbjerg just west of Viborg in the northern part of Denmark. Moensted in Minecraft was created using statistical methods described in the blogpost Statistical Mines.


Denmark in Minecraft

Consisting of 4000 billion blocks Denmark in Minecraft was created by the founders of GeoBoxers.



It doesn’t have to be on Earth to be created in Minecraft. Data from NASA and HiRISE was converted into Mars maps in Minecraft. The maps are free to download – and to celebrate the first Danish astronaut, Andreas Mogensen’s, mission to the International Space Station, GeoBoxers’ Mars in Minecraft was released together with a model of ISS in IRISSCraft.


Single building measured by drones

To demonstrate how point clouds from drones and handheld scanners can be shown in Minecraft worlds, GeoBoxers recently worked with the international engineering company COWI on making a Minecraft model of the old Christian IV’s Brewhouse in Copenhagen, Denmark. The building was made available for drone flying and handheld laserscanning by the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties.


Our services

We offer a suite of data-handling, consulting and development services ranging from investigating the suitability of your data to managing actual Minecraft servers.

Data may be all kinds of geographically related data, like:

  • Traditional GIS layers
  • LiDAR point cloud or gridded elevation data
  • Cadastral data
  • Geological data

Contact us for further ideas on creative use of other datasets.

Data validation

A model is based on geospatial data. Any project would start with a good look into your data, and apply full scrutiny to ensure that quality is good enough to proceed.

Minecraft model using your geographic data

We calculate the model nation / region / city wide. This will get you ready-to-use Minecraft files.

Various levels of detail

Basic level: This is the entry level. Your map data raised to 3D and imported in Minecraft.

City model: Your 3D city model is imported as well.

LiDAR level: We can fill in the gaps using automatisation on your point cloud.

Coordinate transformations

Get a relation between Minecraft and the real world to connect in-world and real life activities.


We provide an overview map so players can see their position on a real map using a standard web browser or mobile device.

Server management

Let us setup and manage your Minecraft server. We can host your world in a preconfigured environment.


The Minecraft model provided by us can facilitate the application of your particular interest. We provide ideas and guidance to help you along as your data evolves into a social media of its own.


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