GeoBoxers create Minecraft maps of the real world from GIS and geospatial data.


GIS and geospatial data in Minecraft - for professionals

Minecraft has shown to be a very suitable tool for education, urban planning and visualization. GeoBoxers convert all kinds of GIS, geospatial and architectural data into Minecraft worlds.

No project to small or BIG – we have done everything from single buildings to a whole country. And Mars!

Maps of the world

Create your own map with WorldBloxer (BETA)

Point, click, choose design, purchase and download 1 km2 of the real world for use in Minecraft. 

Always wanted to visit Australia? Want to build your own pyramids in Kairo? With WorldBloxer you can make a Minecraft map of anywhere on the surface of the Earth.

For Mac and pc only. 

GeoBoxers Consulting services

We are experienced professionals within geodesy, surveying, modelling, GIS, programming and handling of all kinds of BIG geospatial data.

GeoBoxers’ fields of experiences cover modelling, LiDAR, coordinate transformations, 3D reconstruction, gamification, geospatial engineering, geodesy, mathematical automatisation and more.

We write code that is tailored to suit your specific purpose.

Click to pan and zoom in Minecraft overviews of…

Copenhagen in Denmark

Copenhagen in Minecraft - an overview

Stavanger in Norway